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Tanya's Feline Chronic Kidney Disease Support Group
Welcome to Tanya's CKD Support Group, running since 2006 and owned by Helen, who also runs Tanya's CKD website, the definitive, award-winning website for feline chronic kidney disease. It doesn't matter if your cat has recently been diagnosed with CKD, or if you've been dealing with this ugly disease for some time now, we all need support while fighting CKD. Don't try to cope alone, come and join our small, friendly community - it's completely free to members. If you've lost your cat, you are also welcome here - the group includes a sub-group devoted to helping people come to terms with their loss. *To join Tanya's CKD Group, please click on the blue button below labelled Apply For Membership In This Group and enter your e-mail address. Then be sure to* **respond to the message you will receive asking for a little bit more information about your cat.* You will also be asked by to confirm that you definitely want to join. YOU MUST RESPOND TO BOTH THESE E-MAILS BEFORE WE CAN APPROVE YOUR APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP. Any problems, please contact us on the Group Owner e-mail address below. * Please do check out Tanya's website for more information on feline CKD: You can discuss any aspect of caring for a CKD cat here. If you would like to discuss *your other cats who don't have CKD,* please *join our sister group* (no need to answer the questionnaire if you are already a member of Tanya's CKD Support Group, we will recognise you): Cats Health and Behavior
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  • Tanya's Feline Loss
    For those who have lost a cat, whether to CKD or for some other reason. A caring, supportive place where you can talk about your loss and your feelings.
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